Continuous Feedback

Receive real time feedback about your emails, blog posts, meetings and more.

Receive Email or Blog Feedback

Extend your email signatures or blog posts to include simple thumbs up and thumbs down links which allow collegues to respond instantly.

  • Add a simple block of html to emails, blogs posts, websites and more to receive continuous feedback.
  • Feedback is submitted without the need to be logged in.

Continuous Feedback Dashboard

Login to the dashboard to keep track of how your emails and blog posts are being perceived by collegues.

  • All employees have an already created default email campaign ready to use.
  • Quickly and easily copy and paste the html block into your email signature or blog post.
  • Create separate campaigns for emails and blog posts to track votes for each campaign individually.

View Company Wide Feedback Trends

Continuous feedback scores are aggregated at a company level to show trends compared to other products like Team Temperatures. Together these better help you understand your staff and teams.

  • Graphs indicate how continuous feedback scores are trending at a company level over a period of time.