Integrated 1 on 1s

Meet often, meet quickly

Meet often, Meet Quickly

Meet often with your employees to capture what matters and understand individual performance quicker and more transparently.

  • Simple yes/no questions for the employee and manager to answer.
  • Key performance indicators tell the manager exactly how the employee is going without needing to ask questions.
  • A notes section for capturing important messages.

Easily Accessible 1 on 1 History

A simple and easy to access timeline of your employees 1 on 1 history.

  • A simple and easy to understand employee timeline.
  • Identify when an employee has had a bad week, and if they resolved the issue the following week.
  • No more 6 monthly or yearly paperwork that is filed away and never acted upon.

Custom Templates and KPIs

1 on 1 templates allow a manager to ask question the way they want, and add key performance indicators which can access external systems and analyse data.

  • Customise the 1 on 1 with the questions which relate to your teams.
  • Assign key performance indicators to the 1 on 1 template.
  • Key performance indicators can access internal products like Team Temperatures and Continuous Feedback, and external systems like Salesforce, Xero, Jira, Google Analytics, etc