Team Temperatures

Get real time feedback from your team with team temperatures.

Ask Questions Weekly, Not Yearly

Ask your employees how they are feeling weekly or bi-weekly to stay up to date.

  • Don't wait 6 months to ask your employees how they feel, ask them weekly.
  • More data points gives you a better understanding of your employees engagement, productivity and wellbeing.
  • Identify and manage unengaged teams quickly.

3 Simple Questions

Ask simple questions which are tailored to your organisation and your needs

  • Ask simple questions, more often.
  • Receive a one word response to complement employee answers.
  • 100% branded with your organisations logo, colours, and questions.
  • Answers can be submitted from any device and without being logged into the system.

Identify Issues Instantly

Using the executive and team manager dashboards, easily identify issues and see team trends based on the Dynamic Teams you have created.

  • Easily identify how different teams are currently trending.
  • A word map gives extra insight into how your employees are feeling.
  • Identify and focus on teams who are having issues and work to find a solution before it's too late.
  • All employee submitted data is anonymous and aggregated at a team level.